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Friday, October 15, 2010

Afternoon Update

Cohen is resting peacefully. It's time to pray again for the swelling to go down so it does not affect the right side of his body or his eye. Pray that he will make a full recovery and that no long term damage is done. The doctor's are saying that only time will tell but we believe he will be making a full recovery!

Don't stop praying for this little guy after his long day today!! :)


  1. i pray he is sleeping now...and all night long...he is a tiny to you all...mary

  2. Just saw lil Cohen and he was resting very nicely. Dad sure was sleepy to. I think I woke him up. Praying for all of them. Thinking about them all the time. Very Proud of Sheena. Hang in there girl! Things are already worlds better than they were, you will all make it thru this Gracefully!!! I know it in my heart! Love and Prayers to you all. Patti

  3. p.s~ i woke up dad,not Cohen. :)