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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He said Mom.....HE SAID MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cohen has made a HUGE turn around. Your prayers are being answered as we speak and it is so awesome to see God working in his healing.

To start with.... Our specific prayers were that he would wake up after the ventilator is off and be without pain. I am so EXCITED to announce that he is pain free and resting well with ONLY tylenol, no other pain meds are needed at this time.

2nd: Sheena called me and was so excited to let me know that he said Mom for the first time since before the accident! What a true blessing! The doctors were worried that the ventilator tube would harm his vocal cords and this does not seem to be the case. Sheena said that they still have the feeding tube in so he is not eating but she put some honey flavored lip balm on his dry lips this morning and he licked his lips and said.... MMMM!! :)

3rd: He is still unable to open his eyes but is resting well and for the moment he has stopped pulling on things. He is wanting to stretch every time he wakes up because his body is sore and aching from laying in the bed.

The neuroligist is hoping to schedule surgery for his plates in his head for Friday. They said that the swelling will come back when they do the surgery but are hoping it will not be severe. As soon as I get a definate answer on the surgery I will post it.

Specific prayer requests:

-Pray that he is able to open atleast one eye so he can find out where he is and see his mom and dad before he goes to surgery
-Pray that the tylenol keeps working to control his pain and discomfort
-Pray for Hudson and Brayden
-Pray for Cohen to remain strong
-Pray that God will give the surgeons a steady hand
-Pray for the medical staff taking care of him like he is their own child
-Pray for continuous rest for Sheena, Jesse, and Cohen



  2. loved reading this!!!!

  3. Me-Maw cant wait to hold you. Love you Guys You all are doing Awesome!!! Thank You Aunt Moo you are the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love MOM

  4. This gave me chills. God is so good!

  5. So glad to hear positive news! Praying for you all! Love Patti

  6. andrea and grandma woodOctober 13, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    you have prayers from your family all over the country and all the church members at southern heights babtist church love u bunches... grandma wood and andrea.

  7. Can't wait to see everybody home and comfy again. Sam, you are awesome, thanks for keeping everyone updated!