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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Praise the Lord he is doing better!

Today Cohen jumped a hurdle! After a full day of rest it seems that his body has kicked in. From the looks of it (no doctor's verification) his swelling has gone down a bit and he seems to be calm now. They are hoping to take him off of the ventilator today and to ween him off of the sedation medicine as well. They began weening him off of the ventilator through the night and he seems to be tolerating it well. He is currently on a feeding tube so they could turn his IV fluids down to help reduce the swelling. While I was there the nurses started messing with him and he did not like that as he started flailing around! He is such a strong little boy and definately a fighter. The other night I was there and of ALL the things to be hurting him and causing him pain, the only thing he wanted gone was the Oxygen sensor they have taped around his big toe. He would yank that thing off and sigh a sigh of relief when he would finally get to it. When he would fall back asleep we would tape it back on and he would wake up 30 seconds later yanking at it. This truly shows how tough this little guy is!

His eyes are still swollen shut. We are hoping and praying that when he wakes up he will be able to open atleast one a little bit so he is not scared about not being able to open them and see things.

The nurse said this morning she knew she is going to have a long day today with him but she is in it for the long haul. They will stop his sedation medicine in order for him to be awake when they take the breathing tube out. They have to wait about an hour after the meds stop until they take it out. Pray that they all keep calm while trying to prevent him from pulling it out himself!

Sheena and Jesse got some MUCH needed rest last night and she seemed revived this morning. She is excited for today and hopes all of their plans follow through. She is anxious to hold her baby boy and walk around the room with him. They seem to be in good spirits and they are very thankful for everyone's prayers and support!

More updates coming as soon as we know anything. Keeps the prayers and support coming, God hears you and is responding in our favor! :) If you would like to donate to the family please click the donate button listed on the side or top of this page. Jesse is not able to work right now so he can be with Cohen and Sheena so any help we can offer to them would be a gift from God!

Please pray specifically for:

-Sheena and Jesse to have a good day with Cohen. Keeping him calm and helping him not to pull out tubes and cords.
-Cohen getting off of the ventilator and resting peacefully WITHOUT pain.
-Brayden and Hudson  who don't know the extent of what is going on with Cohen. They miss their mom, dad and brother.
-Pray that he can get one of his eyes open even just a little bit.
-Rest, Rest, Rest. They all need Rest.
-Ultimate healing for Cohen and for Sheena, Jesse, Brayden and Hudson.

This smiling face is making a fast recovery. Keep praying and supporting!!

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