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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Progress...sooooo much progress!

So sorry for the delayed post but so much has happened! Cohen had a very productive and progressive weekend. During the day he was able to leave the hospital and hang out at home and go to Brayden's birthday party, then at night he had to go back to the Children's Center to sleep. He had made so much progress on his speech and using his right arm and right leg that Monday morning Sheena was ready to talk to the doctor.

The doctors and staff at the Children's Center were in complete agreeance with Sheena and Jesse that Cohen was making such great progress at home that he can be released from inpatient care at the facility.
What does this mean? COHEN IS HOME!!!!! :) He will still go during the day for a couple hours of physical therapy and speech therapy but he is home, he is home he is home! Last night they all got to sleep in their own beds and in the comfort of their home. Your prayers, love and support have impacted this family more than you will ever know and they are so excited to report that he is doing so well. He has been talking and interacting so much with his brothers and everyone and he has crawled and supported his weight with his right arm as well as walked with assitance from his therapist from therapy back to his room.

Here he is on his way home:

Keep praying for this precious boy and the family. We know it will be a long road but there is definately light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for your prayers, love and support!

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