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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surgery is scheduled!

This little guy that we all love is doing wonderfully today! He is fully awake and without pain....They have stopped all pain medicines, INCLUDING tylenol! His right eye is open all the way and he is still working on building up the muscles again in order to look around, etc. His left eye is still swollen shut but you can see his eye trying to open and the muscles trying to get it open.

Surgery is scheduled for Friday (tomorrow) at 8:30 am and should take an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. They are expecting recovery to take 2 days and expecting everything to go well.

ANOTHER miracle is that he is asking questions with his hands. He is pointing at tubes and Sheena tells him what it is and then he points at another one and she tells him that also. He is only saying one or two words here and there but that may just be from having the ventilator tube down his throat and it being so dry for so long. Today he pointed at his lips and they gave him his cup and let him hold it as he took sips of apple juice.

He is doing so remarkable and I feel like he is on the upside of this battle. More updates to come but for right now he has been very stable and God has comforted him and the family in order for him to prepare for the next hurdle of surgery.

Keep praying!
Specific Prayers:
-Surgery to go wonderfully!
-Him to be able to get his eye muscle so back so he can look around instead of looking at one spot.
-Continuous painless rest!
-Rest for Sheena and Jesse and Cohen
-Brayden and Hudson

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  1. YEA!!!! Praise God. We am so happy things are turning around, and definitely will be praying for surgery, and everything else!! God is amazing and Cohen you are SO STRONG!-Love the Langleys