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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still need prayers

The neurologists are still a little worried about Cohen's right side of his body. He hasn't been using his right arm or leg very much. His right eye is stuck in the corner and he is having a hard time moving it over to the middle of his eye. His left eye is still swollen shut but the swelling is going down each day. Sheena asked him if he could see her the other day and he shook his head yes so that is a HUGE blessing! When someone comes to his bed side and starts messing with him (nurses, etc.) he lifts his blankets up over his head and "hides" which is so funny to us. He has not been talking at all for the last couple of days. They believe this is all due to the swelling he has in his brain and they are hoping it is temporary.

They also took the feeding tube out and he has been sipping on Apple Juice.

Only time will tell if there is any permananent damage but please pray that the swelling goes down and he regains all function in these areas. He rested all night with just Tylenol and he does not seem to be in any pain. When he wakes up and opens his one eye we talk to him and he listens and we even cracked a smile or two out of him.

The family is still requesting no visitors until he is more stable. The blog is where they are requesting people to go in order to check his status.

Specific Prayers:
Please pray for the swelling on his brain to go down
Pray for positive attitudes from everyone
Pray that the doctors start talking about getting him on a regular floor because that means he is one step closer to going home
Pray for his speech and his eyes.
Keep praying for peace and calmness for him and Sheena and Jesse. (God is answering this prayer as Cohen peacefully sleeps each day and night)

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  1. I want to say Thank you for keeping us updated We keep prayer going and hope for all the best. I am glad we have this blog to keep up with instead of constant wonder and worry. Thank you and prayers for you also.