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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phone call of relief!

Sheena called this morning and Cohen's doctors have decided he can be off of IV's. They are meeting with the physical therapist today to determine if he should stay at the hospital for PT or go home and go to PT everyday. This is such a blessing! He is still not using his right arm or right leg and not talking a whole lot so please be praying for these break throughs.

They took him outside yesterday in a wheel chair and Sheena said when they went back to go into the room he started crying and she asked him if he was ready to go back in his room and he shook his head no so needless to say....they kept walking around! :)

He is responding more and more everyday. He nods his head yes and no and he focuses on things.

Specific prayer requests:

Pray that he gets to go home! To help with his healing and to be with his brothers and his puppy Boomer!
Pray that there is a smooth transition from hospital to home.
Pray for his right side and his speech
Pray for Jesse and Sheena for continued patience and understanding.
Pray for Brayden and Hudson, they miss mom and dad and Cohen and home more than words can describe
Pray for continued support, love and prayers from everyone reading this story.

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